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Summer 2024

  • Seminar: Scalar curvature comparison and rigidity (with C. Böhm, J. Ebert). PDF (via sciebo)

Past teaching

University of Münster (Winter 2020/21 – Summer 2023)

  • Seminars
  • Exercise classes: Analysis I, II and III; Fields and Constructions; Differential equations (2x)

University of Göttingen (Summer 2020)

  • Lecture course: Mathematics for physics students II. Stud.IP
  • Oberseminar Topology and Geometry (with S. Cecchini, T. Schick).

University of Münster (Winter 2016/17 - Winter 2019/20)

  • Lecture course: Coarse index theory
  • Seminars: Positive scalar curvature; Vector bundles and K-theory; Conic sections; Topics from analysis.
  • Exercise classes: Linear algebra I and II; Algebra (2x); Foundations of Analysis, Topology and Geometry; Group theory.

University of Vienna (Winter 2010/11 - Summer 2012)

  • Teaching assistant: Introduction to computer infrastructure for mathematicians (4x).