I am a research mathematician working at the intersection of geometry, topology and analysis with a particular focus on problems involving the scalar curvature of a Riemannian manifold. Recently, my main passions have been to establish aspects of a comparison geometry for lower scalar curvature bounds as well as to study closely related geometric problems in the context of general relativity. Moreover, I am interested in topological properties of spaces of Riemannian metrics with positive scalar curvature.

A broad overview of the circle of ideas with which my research is generally concerned can be found in the forthcoming volumes Perspectives in Scalar Curvature edited by Misha Gromov and Blaine Lawson.

Currently I am working as a non-permanent lecturer (formal title: akademischer Rat auf Zeit) at the Mathematical Institute of the University of Münster, where I am an investigator in the Cluster of Excellence Mathematics Münster. I am also a project leader in a subproject of the DFG priority programme Geometry at Infinity.

During the summer term 2020 I was on leave from Münster in order to serve as a Vertretungsprofessor at the Mathematical Institute of the University of Göttingen.


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