. On the range of the relative higher index and the higher rho-invariant for positive scalar curvature. arXiv preprint, 2017.

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. Positive scalar curvature and low-degree group homology. To appear in Annals of K-Theory, 2017.

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. An index obstruction to positive scalar curvature on fiber bundles over aspherical manifolds. Algebraic & Geometric Topology, 2017.

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. Positive scalar curvature and product formulas for secondary index invariants. Journal of Topology, 2016.

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. Coarse median structures and homomorphisms from Kazhdan groups. Geometriae Dedicata, 2016.

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. Secondary large-scale index theory and positive scalar curvature. Doctoral dissertation, 2016.

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. Coarse median structures on groups. Master’s thesis, 2013.

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Information for students can be found in the teaching section on the website of the Topology group or on the e-Learning platform Learnweb.

In the winter term 2017-18 I gave an advanced course on “Coarse index theory”.


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