Publications & Preprints

. Width, largeness and index theory. SIGMA, Special Issue on Scalar and Ricci Curvature in honor of Misha Gromov on his 75th Birthday, 2020.

Journal article arXiv

. Slant products on the Higson-Roe exact sequence. To appear in Annales de l’Institut Fourier. Peprint, 2019.


. Transfer maps in generalized group homology via submanifolds. Preprint, 2019.

PDF arXiv

. Band width estimates via the Dirac operator. To appear in Journal of Differential Geometry. Peprint, 2019.


. Positive scalar curvature and low-degree group homology. Annals of K-Theory, 2018.

Journal article arXiv

Teaching & Organization

In the upcoming winter term 2020-21 I will organize the exercise classes for Analysis 1 at the University of Münster. Information for students will be available on Learnweb.

In the summer term 2020 I taught Mathematics for physics students II at the University of Göttingen. Information for students can be found on Stud.IP. Moreover, I co-organized the online topology research seminar in Göttingen.